• Envelope C6 White Office Self-Adhesive 50 pcs

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Envelope C6

 Size: 114 x 162 mm
  Colour: white
  Self-adhesive option: Yes
  Quantity: 50 pieces

✅ C6 - paper envelopes - white Envelopes enable letters and documents to be sent aesthetically. They also allow for storage and safekeeping. At home, they are useful not only for sending letters but also for collecting bills, receipts and documents.

✅ What are paper envelopes ? C6 envelopes are a great way to keep important documents safe and aesthetically pleasing recipients safe. Thanks to their classic design, you can customise their front to your liking and increase their functionality.

✅ The envelopes are in C6 format Made of extremely strong pure white paper and fitted with a self-adhesive strip to increase the security of the documents sent inside. The self-adhesive strip makes packing documents quick and easy.

✅ Good quality branded envelopes.

✅ White envelopes.

✅ Envelopes are packed with folded flaps.

✅ Quick and easy packaging.

✅ DIN C5 envelopes 11,4 x 16,2 cm